Navy story time again. Grab that coffee and fire up Kali, the theme is security.
So, when I got promoted to Lieutenant Jr. I had to attend a 1-year school inside my nostalgic Naval Academy... BUT! I was wiser, I was older... and I was bored. Like, really bored. What could go wrong? Well, all my fellow officers were bored too, so they started downloading/streaming/torrenting like crazy, and I had to wait for hours for the Kali updates to download, so...
mdk3 wlan0mon -d
I had this external wifi atheros card with two antennae and kicked all of them off the wifi. Some slightly smarter ones plugged cables on the net, and kept going, enjoying much faster speeds. I had to go to the bathroom, and once I returned they had unplugged the card. That kind of pissed me off, since they also thought it would be funny to hide it, along with the mouse.
But, oh boy, they had no idea what supreme asshole I can be when I am irked.
So, arpspoof it is. Turns out, there were no subnetworks, and the broadcast domain was ALL of the academy. That means I shut EVERYONE off, except me. Hardware was returned in 1 minute with the requested apologies, but fuck it, I kept the whole academy off the net for 6 hours. The sysadmin ran around like crazy, because nothing was working. Not even the servers.
I finally took pity on the guy (he had gotten the duties of sysadmin when the previous sysad died, so think about that) and he almost assaulted me when I told him. As it turned out, the guy never had any training or knowledge on security, so I had to show him a few things, and point him to where he could study about the rest. But still, some selective arp poison on select douchebags was in order...
Needless to say, people were VERY polite to me after that. And the net speed was up again, so I got bored. Again. So I started scanning the net.
To be continued...

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    The most interesting man on devRant.

    I would never attempt to hack navy networks, even if I was an officer.
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    @AlgoRythm I wouldn't be so generous as to call that "hacking". I mean, it was actually a playground, the security was HORRIBLE. Which seems frighteningly typical. The larger the network, the less the security?

    And, the most interesting man? You flatter me, I am awfully dull, especially compared to other people here.
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    I think your Navy hijinks are probably the most interesting content available on this site. Especially since I would never do what you do.

    I've never been the hackerman type.

    For one, the romanticizing in Hollywood would really serve to invalidate my work. As a developer, I have a professional, smart connotation attached to what I do. If I told people I was a white hat or something, they'd immediately imagine some hoodie-wearing, non-showering, action-movie fuck. And I don't want that.

    For another thing, I'm just too afraid to. I like being exactly where I'm supposed to, and nowhere else. I like to use my computer skills to create things.
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