I dislike the way Oracle deals with Java(for the most part) and believe it to be a really power hungry company full of assholes.

I do; however, know that business is business, i get it. I really do.

To bad they own one of my main languages but at the same time thank heavens for the OpenJDK


This has got to be some sort of guerilla negotiation techniques level shit man.

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    Oracle hates everything but sailboat racing and money.
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    Let's then not forget how they treat mysql
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    I don't think oracle owns the language... Does it? Isn't the language free and opensource, implemented by openjdk?

    What oracle owns is just middleware, running that language -- their own implementation of jvm.

    And I can't blame them really. Ora is focusing the 'big buys' only with this move.
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    I swear Oracle has some kind of catalogue of all the tech companies and time to time they just open it and tell to themselves "Hmmm... what tech should we buy and fuck it up?" And meanwhile Apache foundation is that broke relative who gets all the stuff you dont use anymore. Unless its JavaFx, that one is now updated by Gluon...

    Why the fuck does it feel, that the biggest update since Java 8 is introducing var?
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    @Root Oracle: The only tech enterprise with a bigger legal team than engineering
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    @netikras Well, Oracle bought sun microsystems, who were the owners and now Orcale is "the owner". It's possibly why they decided to monetize everything starting from Java 11. I wonder what do they know about the future, that the rest of us don't. Feels almost like they shot themselves in both feet, hands and lungs and now are awaiting for the language to slowly die. I have serious doubts if a lot of companies will be going with the monetization model and will probably instead re-implement most of their solutions.
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    @Voltairepunk but oracle doesn't own java.. Ora doesn't own the language. What they own is their own implementation of jvm, along with other software they have implemented themselves. NOT the language.

    And java ain't dying. RedHat [ibm] is taking over the openjdk's steering wheel from oracle. If it's lost oracle's participation in openjdk you're worried about...
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    @netikras fair enough. Thanks for clarifying
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    @netikras correct. In much the same way Microsoft does not necessarily own the C#, TypeScript or F# language(Visual Basic does belong to them though) but they do have a big say in the direction new implementations of the enterprise Java EE goes.

    In my opinion, OpenJDK Java should be more of the "only Java option". All major advancements happen there already
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    @Voltairepunk bruh, is your username Voltaire for Aurelio Voltaire???
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    @AleCx04 Voltaire as in Voltaire. The godfather of all punks out there.
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    @Voltairepunk i only know of two musicians with that name. Cabaret Voltaire and Aurelio Voltaire. I am assuming C.V?
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    @kgbemployee one should never limit language knowledge man
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    @kgbemployee you'll be safe if you don't work in web dev
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    The outcome of any major deal is usually known and planned for in advance.

    This is true of the stock market too.
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