Explaining what a method does:
"""Python has docstrings"""
/** Java has javadocs */

Seriously Apple...

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    Ya the comment explanation itself become a method name.. 😂
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    You save a linebreak... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    @davidmaamoaix you know what I mean.
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    // Was trying to figure out how to upload an image without it spanning the whole width of the comment section.
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    "Self documenting code"
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    Swift has the triple slash syntax for documentation:
    ///doc here

    But you know what? Long names is better than doc comments!

    By that logic, it would be good practice to have one letter names everywhere because it is short and you can read the doc if you want to know what it means.
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    Isnt java the same? I encountered lots of long-sentenced function name.. 😅
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