Sometimes I feel like I should have been a girl.
I'd have been cleaner, tidier, more disciplined, had a definite life purpose, and handwriting that didn't look like a beetle dipped in ink crawling on paper.

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    However, I could think of two cons to being a girl: periods and labor and childbirth pains.
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    how does your gender determine your handwriting?

    My father's handwriting is much tidier than most of the ladies' I know.

    How does your gender determine your discipline? I doesn't. It really really doesn't. All these are your choices. You make them. Whoever you are..
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    The logic in this rant:
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    Well, sometimes I feel like I should have been a man.
    I like shonen manga, don't like to cook, don't like girly things, don't like to dress up and wear heavy make up, don't like giggling with girls, spent my time on computers more than average girls did.
    : /
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    Your gender doesn't determine that shit for you. I live like a cave(wo)man and my room is a god damn mess that I only bother to tidy and clean once it's gotten so bad I feel ashamed. My handwriting is pretty nice, but that's all practice and has nothing to do with my gender. As with all things in life, practice and discipline makes you better.
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    Stereotypes level: 9k
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    Yeah, and even your dick would have been more impressive if you had been a girl.
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    Use keyboard rather than changing gender.
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    @cho-uc Wanna trade places?
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    @thesagya I type 60WPM, in both QWERTY and Colemak.
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    @cst1992 vooh! still you will have good handwriting.. don't change the gender
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    @Fast-Nop Ouch. Nope, my dick is quite respectable, thank you.
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    @Alice Aren't those your choices though? I mean, who gives a shit about the world?
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    @Alice Who cares about body hair unless you actually look as if you have a beard? And, there are a lot of makeup products(like fairness creams and hair gels) on the market for men as well, but I don't think any of them are strictly necessary.
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    @RantSomeWhere There is no gender pay gap in Western countries because otherwise, nobody would hire men.

    It's different choices of prefessions and more female part time, but owning up to one's own decisions is clearly not part of 3rd wave feminism.
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    @Alice Classic full metal safety razors are much cheaper in the long run than the system razors marketed to both men and women alike.

    They're even more hygienic because you can fully disassemble and clean them instead of having rotting organic particles right at the blade (ewwww). Works flawlessly for both genders.

    I can recommend the Merkur 25C with open blade at around 30 EUR plus Astra Platinum blades at 11 EUR per 100 pieces.

    Just avoid the cheap 5 EUR plastic thing by Wilkinson that you can find e.g. at Budni's. It's a horrible alibi product meant to nudge people to buy the overpriced system razors.
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    Stop jacking it so much and you'd find it easier to discover your life purpose! /jk

    Don't you know we're all just bags of meat, wandering around on a dim wet lukewarm rock looking for a little food and f*cking before we die?

    Enjoy the existential crisis! At least it means you're still alive.
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