To all the tech mums out there. Happy Mothers day!

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    I bought a domainname with her full name and set up a nice website as a gift for her 😍
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    thank you
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    @alexbrooklyn omg I read domainname as dopamine... (Don't ask me why,I just did) And thought, oh nice now you can buy dopamine 🤔 frigggg it's cocaine 😧

    :):):):) Nap time, I guess.
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    @M1sf3t ik what dopamine is bruh...
    Cocaine causes dopamine surge, so
    buying someone cocaine ≈ 'buying' someone dopamine.
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    @M1sf3t dopamine released by brain cells in response to a reward is reabsorbed by the cell later. Cocaine intrinsically prevents the reabsorption it doesn't not cause excessive release of dopamine, atleast initially. Eventually the brain starts associating cocaine usages as a reward,then it's a 2x attack. Cause of release + prevention of reabsorption.
    Ofcourse the threshold for the high will increase, so up the dosage a little.
    However chronic usage of cocaine causes a different effect, as the brain adapts to the drug's presence. Apparently it causes some molecular changes in the dopamine releasing cells. Now that's for chronic usage.
    You'd be good for days before that happens.

    So you see.
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    Thanks! 😊
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