My mother-in-law asked me to reinstall her laptop. I made a deal with her that I will happily do that, but only if it can be a Linux distribution.
She eventually after asking questions about it agreed.
She don't want to go back anymore.

Funny enough, the co-workers didn't understand why is her laptop slightly looks different, so they started to tell her , that the laptop is full with virus.

I explained her that she doesn't even have system privilege to install one even if she wants.

She was happy with the answer :D

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    That's why a mortal should use Linux. The permissions are very strict and practically unbreakable.
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    I've tried the same - parents had a high spec pc (for that time, lol) but it was full of bloatware all the time. Literally, if you ever open IE - it's a shitload of toolbars. So, I've installed friendliest distro at that time - ubuntu 13 or 12. What happened was - they were seriously pissed that pc works VERY fast but they can't install shitty apps. When I asked if they really need it - they would simply answer - it told me that it would boost up the performance of X thing...

    A few months later I found out that they had that pc in the repair shop and the repair shop couldn't do shit with Linux so installed windows again and complained that Linux is a virus, not an operating system :)
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    Cool story, although about the last phrase I should have to point out... https://xkcd.com/1200/
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    Man, I miss the toolbars in IE. they were always a solid way to get some work in the neighbourhood.
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    @LuxARTS Until she needs to add a printer. (Remember Linus' story, but well that was fixed.)

    Generally I'd say Linux is for tinkerers, which includes all sort of binary tinkering - so more anti-security kind of actually (remember what Linus thinks of the security people?)
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