Informal poll: how often do you find yourself looking up trivial things, even if you're a seasoned vet? I know I do almost every day.

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    Well, even if I know how to do it, I rather check it via search engine than debug it more than necessary. E.g. if it's simple as array/list/url/file manipulation and there's some fancy named method for that and there's also a similar named method that does absolutely different thing that I want. :)
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    I think everybody does this. And nobody should be ashamed of it.
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    Regularly, yeah. I guess it's also partially due to the fact that I regularly work with a couple of different languages (Java, C# but also js and PHP), which of course handle some basic things differently.
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    Always, my brain is usually inable to remember 100% of the stuff and things, especially when learning new stuff and then doing some old stuff again
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    Not a vet, but considering half the time I forgot what I ate the day before I can see it being a natural thing
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