I just realized: People bitching about JS standard library, bundle size, need to use polyfills etc - is useless IMO. We need to start viewing transpilers as compilers and overall JS ecosystem like we are developing something in ActionScript Flash/Java Applet and exporting it for use inside browsers. And forget about "bad parts" of standard clean JS overall. See clean JS like it's as bad as it was in the past. (because without polyfills you still don't have most of the major es6 features in the IE browsers)

In the past we needed Flash plugins, Java plugins for applets, and they had size way larger than average JS bundle nowadays.

What you think?

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    Practically if a language has a feature people will abuse it.
    So JS is still horrible and unnecessary and only bearable because of TS and stuff.
    It's not that TS et. al. aren't good, it's that it could've been so much better (and now is because of WebAssembly and will keep getting better as WA matures).
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    @RememberMe every time someone mentions WA as a replacement for JS I laugh. It's never going, nor designed, to take over JS. WA is designed to run alongside JS.

    Btw elaborate on how JS unnecessary?
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