My friend (not technical) thinks eosio is going to be the new internet. I've looked into eos briefly and get more or less how it works and see i guess some potential, but it seems like a hype driven thing to me. He believes that he'll become a millionaire off investing probably 50k dollars @ this point into it. I get wanting to make money, but as for eosio being "the new internet" , not seeing it. Any thoughts? I'll add more thoughts in the comments soon.

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    never heard of it before
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    @Charon95 see that's my thing too. even if blockchain tech is useful for whatever companies/people want to use it for, it's still just a technology. there's no intrinsic value in any of these coins. the tech itself can and is being used all over the place. to me that means the value of coins must go to zero once the hype dies down. maybe i'm off mark though? speaking of tech, IPFS is legit, but has no real tie to any one crypto coin
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