I'm looking for a good cloud based python IDE. Let's hear suggestions...

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My employer provides me with a MacBook to use at work, however they use a custom OS X image that has whatever security configuration they decided was essential. Something about the configuration prevents me from running third party Python packages.

During those times that I'm "waiting for work things to compile", I'd love to tinker with a little Python project I'm messing with. Does anyone have any suggestions on cloud based IDEs for Python?

Yes I've Googled it, plenty of results. But anyone have suggestions based on their own user experience?

Thanks ahead of time!

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    Cloud9 (c9.io) is my goto cloud IDE for everything. they have special preconfigured boxes for python as well
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    Cant you install homebrew to an accessible dir (home dir), export it with your $PATH and install your own, "userlevel" python to work with.. instead of the systemwide one ?!
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    Eclipse Che is just awesome. Tried it for fun and it worked. I like how it allows to build the entire project environment there.
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    What about a virtual machine?
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    @oskaremil this is a possible answer. I've had some trouble with getting virtual machines getting access to internet without a bunch of proxy magic.
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    @ericfledderman A MacBook... Which has a wireless card that could connect to the internet you say... Perhaps through the medium of mobile phone tethering? Proxy says what?
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