Brace yourselves for the sticker board of my retired ThiccPad T540p with which I spent my undergraduate college years! My new laptop has no sticker on it ( maturing perhaps?) but has MOE POWA BABEY...
Keeping it as a backup device and an antique.

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    That sticker still looks fresh tho
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    @devTea LOL which sticker? I tend to keep my devices clean in general. There's one sticker that's fresh though.
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    now this is one sticker layout that looks clean, planned.

    I'd actually start stickering because of this post.

    All the stickers I see are seem randomly thrown and assymetrical.
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    @jesustricks Thanks! I just like seeing everything in parallel or perpendicular lines LOL
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    @iskandergaba all
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    @devTea Nah the only fresh one is actually devRant sticker. All of the others date to 6 months to two years ago.
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    @iskandergaba yes but they look like new
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    Such a beautiful ThinkPad. Spoiled with stickers.
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    @-red LOL. Worry not, my new Legion Y530 baby has and will have none.
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    Get some ls and grep stickers too maybe, perhaps for every GNU utility
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    I am a lebanese Dev too. Hey sir
    I caught you from the AUB sticker
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    @Mba3gar Hello there!

    While I may or may have not studied at AUB, I am not Lebanese. I know many of them however xD
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