Is there someone here with the same experience?

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    What's dynamo and why is it bad?
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    DynamoDB is so different from SQL databases that I'm not sure there should ever be a point where someone doesn't know which one to use. Amazon likes to market DynamoDB as a "faster, better" database, but it's not a relational database and anybody trying to use it like one will have a bad time.
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    @EmberQuill is correct, but there's a second potential factor here:

    Even when used as a key-value non-relational store, DynamoDB *used* to have a lot of problems in practice when it came to horizontal scaling (and debugging) - the local version for debugging that was provided by Amazon also had a number of key differences to the one that it used in reality. All of this meant that many companies bought into it heavily, and then ended up hating it because of problems that started to appear when they were waayyy too deep to easily back out.

    From my understanding (I'm not an active user of it), those problems are now all but solved, but its reputation lives on and many are understandably very weary of it, choosing to instead go for something like Aurora or the bog standard MySQL / PostgreSQL DBs instead.
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    We're choosing mongo db over dynamo inspite of scaling problems
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