Anyone know of a good docker backup tool?

I'm working with fairly limited space here so Im looking for a tool to allow me to backup and restore my docker instance without storing easily recreatable data.

That means that what I want to backup are:
- Container specs (inspections or the like)
- Contents of persistent, non-nfs volumes

Since the image and the contents of my nfs volumes are stored elsewhere, and my space is limited, I decided not to back them up. Same for non-persistent (unnamed) volumes since they mostly contain stuff that you don't want to recreate on every container update or recreation but can easily be recreated if needed.

The hope is that this approach should give me a pretty slim backup while still preserving everything I need to recreate my whole docker instance.

Thanks in advance!

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    also interested

    docker-backup but I didn’t use this

    probably there should be some shell scripts with rsync

    Most of people are developing kubernetes extensions right now
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    Sorry why would you like to backup container specs?

    Named volumes are stored on disk, from there you can backup those to somewhere remote with regular backup tools, but that's probably not what your'e looking for.
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    @Ederbit I want to backup the specs so I can bring the instance up with minimal effort. From those specs I can then recreate the containers.
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    @Froot What about a script creating the docker container in a git repository? Or docker-compose?
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    @vane I've been thinking about kubernetes but it seemed overkill for a single node. Perhaps I should look into it again
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    Docker compose works great for storing the config of a container 🤔
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    @kolaente that is true but then that would force me to write all containers with compose. I'm still keeping up hope of being able to create containers quickly through a web UI will hole having good backups 😀
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    @Froot In that case, it sounds like your web ui should be able to do this, whether via exporting config from it or by just backing up a db.

    What web ui are you using?
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    @kolaente portainer. Good point, I should look I to it.
    Tho, if possible I would like to not be tied to the UI 😀
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    GitLab comes with a private Docker hub
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    As an update to this, I decided to write my own tool because I couldn't find anything to fit my needs 😀
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