So Mr. D is a lecturer at ENS Lyon and they think my application fro grad school is **interesting** and they want to have a virtual meeting with me. This is the first email of this genre that I receive without a thank you note.

However, I remember that I applied for a master's of Computer Science, NOT Fundamentals of it (Do I look like I have a death wish?). I thought, like all other universities that don't specify this bit, that I would choose my research interest there and pursue it. Also, I used my undergrad uni alumni email for the application, so why contact me using my Gmail? And what does he mean by saying my file was judged "interesting"?

I don't know, it feels both creepy and wrong. When people apply with an email address to your position/program, you use the same address to get in touch with them. Not anything else you scrapped out of the internet, right?

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