I'm a lead engineer, I design, I code, I debug, I test, I struggle, I deliver, I'm just a basic building block in my company, hardly involve in product roadmap planning. This is pretty clear in my LinkedIn profile. Jp Morgan recruiter called me for Vice president role. VP? Seriously? me skipping 4-5 levels, just with an interview process? Are you kidding me?
I asked her two times "...are you sure?", I lost my words, somehow gathered courage and asked, "what's the portfolio looks like, how many people will report to me?" Then she, calmly revealed that it's just an ic dev role and they name it that ways in their company.

What the actual ducking-duck-duckkk!

P.s. not sure about jpmc rest of the world but that's how it is in jp Morgan india.

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    Wow. I got contacted for the position as Supreme Leader of all Men and Beasts in the Entire Universe. Turns out it's what they call the janitor (part time). Got my hopes up 😤
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    Hopefully the salary is vice president level
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    Reminds me of that 'Executive' joke from Futurama
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    Well in India, the roles are a defined a bit differently than elsewhere.

    Senior dev: knows how to switch on a PC.
    Junior dev: can identify a PC.
    Intern: can breathe.
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    dude what is up with JPM lately they been recruiting like monsters
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    @Fast-Nop may be, by this dumb logic, Sundar Pichai knows how to write "Hello world" , so he became Google CEO.
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    @electrineer no, much lesser than market value. Looks like they are trying to compensate the gap with title.
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    I read strudel
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