The design process.

Call me old fashioned - but clean-code/clean-architecture/SOLID is not as important as simplicity and coherence.

I JUST NEED FUNCTION THAT DOES STUFF! But noooooo better overly design EVERYTHING!

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    Why would you want to use a 20 line function, when you can write a 80-line class, that does, what you want, oop-style, amirite?!
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    Ever since getting familiar with F# I now straddle the OO and FP boundaries in my regular C# work.

    I can’t be doing without:

    - higher order functions
    - monads & monoids
    - generic types
    - runtime expressions for dynamic compilation

    It just makes expressing what I want and need so much easier.

    I refuse to spin up a bunch of interfaces and factories and factory factories just for adherence to OO bullshit.

    It’s easier to stub a lambda function, so imma keep doing it and drag everyone else to the one true path, kicking and screaming if need be.
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    @Brolls there is not one true path in software development. You are making the exact same mistakes as those OO fanatics you hate if you think that.
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    @musician try telling that to the theorists.
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