Apple you drove of delusional suckers! When will your retarded fashion devices finally support WEBP?!

A gallery page with images, and thanks to WEBP, it's 408 kB. Because Google made WEBP and handed out a well documented CLI FOSS compression tool that even can convert the source PNGs to lossy WEBP with bloody transparency. Well done, Google!

Except that Apple's shitty management can't take it that Google actually made something nice, so no WEBP. Instead, JPEG-2000 that enjoys nearly no fucking tool support. The free tools that even can deal with that mostly don't support transparency, and the encoder sucks donkeys so that JPEG still fucks JPEG-2000 big time.

So it's JPEG with matching background for iOS. Fine, but since JPEG's blocky artifacts are much more visible, the compression can't be that high, and it's 769 kB. That's 88% more image data for Shittari than for non-retarded browsers and even Edge! EDGE!!

Oh and if the user changes light/dark system mode according to surrounding light conditions, guess what happens? Yep, since JPEG doesn't support transparency, now it's different JPEGs with dark background via the media query in the "picture" element, and it's another 754 kB download. Bloody 1523 kB instead of 408 kB, that's a factor of 3.7!

Fuck your ass Crapple, with an electric eel!

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    No idea what you're talking about, but I love your energy! Have a ++.
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    I know exactly what you're talking about, have a ++.
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    Have a ++ for the my new favorite word 'Shittari'
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    Probably when google put it to open space and try to standardize it instead of developing it under own domain and pay other to adopt it.
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    @vane how much more open would you want it to be? Source text is already available under a BSD style licence.

    Besides Chromium, also FF supports it. Even GIMP can export to Webp, and GIMP is probably not on Google's payroll.
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    @vane Also, Apple promotes HEIF in macOS and iOS, which is about as good as Webp, and GIMP can also export HEIC files. But, tadaa, Safari doesn't support it either!

    Guess why? Because Apple is using HEIF primarily to work around their shitty, overpriced and misdesigned iPhones which don't support SD-cards. This is just so that Apple can upsell models with more internal storage at ridiculous surcharges. The difference between an iPhone 7 with 32 GB and 128 GB is fucking 140 EUR!

    Even my cheap Nokia 6 supports 128 GB external SD card precisely for camera storage! Also, a fast UHS-I U3 128 GB card costs just 20 EUR.
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    @Fast-Nop so who host the specification of webp and it’s container riff ?
    Is it under some public domain website, rfc, w3c approved ?

    Fucking google teamed up with microsoft to force their standards and fuck up community.

    Fuck them.

    I am not apple only fan boy but one corporate driven solution is called monopoly. Freedom is about sole decision not forced by some corporate twats.
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    @vane RIFF is ages old, I already had that in the last century as container format for WAV!

    Btw., JPEG isn't W3C or RFC approved either because it's not the job of the W3C. Ok, it does have ISO standards, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything - as seen with MS' .docx format.

    So I guess you think .docx is fine and Webp isn't? Then how come that working OSS for Webp export AND import is available while that regularly fucks up with .docx?
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    @Fast-Nop but it was independently developed and got it’s dedicated web page on w3c website and also is used in some rfc documents.
    Patents of jpeg(jfif) expired I think last year.

    Yeah let’s host all code on microsoft github. Share everything on facebook, use chrome and disable vpn so governments can scan our network traffic.

    Who needs software foundations and open standards ? They’re just bunch of faggots who are pain in the ass.
    Better would be to lock them up in one place, maybe deport them to Russia.
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    @vane Come on, don't blow up the W3C here. I know how industry standards work in practice. It's about the invested companies who try to make standards out of whatever they have and the competition doesn't. It certainly isn't "open" in that sense.

    Btw., the anti Github argument applies to 80% of the whole OSS ecosystem! While the criticism does have a point, it's not a point specifically related to Webp.
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    @Fast-Nop maybe then ecosystem is broken and we’re falling into the darkness ?

    I don’t use webp personally cause I need to maintain compatibility ex. with ie11 but with web everything is problem like fonts, audio, video.

    It would be nice to have one independent organization/alliance that would maintain web formats but I think I want to much.
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    @vane As long as Github is just a mirror, I don't see that much of a problem.

    Btw for IE11: you can use the "picture" element with JPEG as fallback in the final IMG tag. IE11 will just read over the source tags because it doesn't know the picture element.
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    @Fast-Nop forgot about this video alliance


    They should make such for images and fonts.
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    @vane yeah they're behind AVIF which could become a contender for both Webp and HEIF. But they're years late with AVIF, and there's no support anywhere yet.

    Editors: from Netflix and Microsoft. Issue tracking: Github. ;-)
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    @Fast-Nop That’s nice.
    Well as some wise man once told me some wheels spin very slow but it’s still better then nothing.
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    I literally lost it on the last line 😂
    Apple is "Thinking Different" a lot since Tim Cook joined the scene indeed! Steve Jobs must be rolling in his grave 😅
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    @Condor I thought an electric eel would be a viable alternative to the established devRant cactus. ^^

    And yeah, Cook's stupid bird brain is in permanent dark mode, you don't need a fucking media query for that one.
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    @vane > Let's host all code on Microsoft GitHub.

    I use GitHub quite often and honestly I was attempting to move to GitLab after the Microsoft acquisition. I ended up pushing to both as best as manual me could for a while. Then I got back to GitHub and figured.. this new GitHub really ain't too bad.

    Big corporations are scary and I do feel like they hold too much power nowadays - Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, all of them. But with GitHub I don't really see any issue.

    Nvidia took over Mellanox recently to expand into the HPC industry. They seem to be doing just fine. Now yes this isn't a solid analogy, but the point is.. these sorts of acquisitions happen all the time. And most of the times the executives in charge of it do know what they're doing. It's just that some of them get more publicity than others.
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    @Condor I earn for a living by pushing code to github repositories. I like it cause I can do it from any place in the world with internet connection.

    I am goofing around here to maybe get some honest and interesting opinion about the world.

    As for github it isn’t big problem cause git is distributed and can be hosted anywhere.
    I was just trying to point the common user pattern and I don’t see it wrong (as a whole ) there are advantages of it.

    I know about mellanox.
    I have crunchbase and watching every acquisition and founding in industry for couple of years. Trying to see some trends ... cause I am one curious and crazy man.
    From my point of view nvidia want to increase their own computing cloud latency.

    Well there are different types of acquisitions I can write a long monologue about acquisitions and my point of view how to get acquired very easy.

    The biggest question is what are consequences of doing what people are doing right now.
    There is always good and evil.
    Despite me being optimistic I always try to find mistake in this world ( my personal fixation ) cause mistake often means big money on the table and everyone likes money these days.
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