It's this time of year again..

Time to reinstall Windows.

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    Partially because I installed docker desktop and now my windows is a mess.
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    I did the same yesterday night, took about 6 hrs to get get the ides and everything ready. Still couldn't install spyder which is a python ide. I want to install spyder without conda or winpython and it complains that qtpy and a hell lot of shit doesn't exist. Well on further search it seems I need to first build sip from source and use that to build fuckin spyder from source. Now I don't use spyder anymore.

    All because graphlab still works on python 2.7 with Anaconda 4.0.0. Dev on windows is hard..........
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    Why does this keep happening
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    Meanwhile, my Win7 was installed in 2010.
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    Might I introduce you to our lord and savior Gentoo?
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    @Root * arch

    Btw I keep hearing gentoo as linux meme, but I don’t know why
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    @Root @devTea
    I think a Linux distro for my PC would not be that good for me.
    Not that I can not use it, I administer many debian and Ubuntu servers for years now so I know my way around. But, and this is a big but, I always try stuff on Linux (because one can and because it is awesome) and sometimes in the past I broke my VMs in this process. I think this happened twice in the last 6 years or so.

    But the real reason why I stay on Windows is my Steam library. 🤷‍♂️ And there are only windows drivers for my crappy Asus laptop.
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    @Emphiliis Honestly, the only game I've had difficulty playing on Debian is Battlefield V. I can't speak to drivers, though; I know that can be a pain.
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