Had my first car accident today. I was taking a friend to school, we were down the street from our school. Person in front of me slammed on their brakes for no reason (light was green, nobody was crossing), so I did the same. Almost fucking hit them, but whatever. As me and my friend started to recover from that, we get hit from behind.

I remember just looking over at her when it happened and going "DID WE JUST FUCKING GET HIT?", she looks at me and says "I don't know what else it could have been"

The guy that hit us was a really nice guy. When me and the person in front of me slammed our brakes, the guy behind us followed, but it was raining this morning and he slid into my car.

So the guy called the cops, had an officer come, we exchanged information and everything (wasn't a bad enough accident for an actual police report). I called my insurance company, they said to call his insurance company, so I did. Filed a claim, told them everything that happened, then they called the guy, he confirmed everything and said the accident was his fault. But since my car is fairly old (it's a 2001 model), they said it might not even be worth fixing and they'll probably just end up seeing how much the car is worth and sending me a check.

The fun thing is, my cousin is my mechanic and he can also do body work, and the damage isn't that much, so he said he probably wouldn't charge much. So I'll probably get to pocket a good amount of the money (maybe like $700 max but still)

So, fun day.

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    Yea I was leaving the city I live in (gotta cross a bridge; only way in and out. Well actually there's two bridges, but one is a lot more popular).

    Traffic suddenly stopped. Car in front of us slams on breaks. We slam on breaks. Car behind us slams on breaks. Nobody got hit.

    Boom. The car behind us got rear ended and that ended up pushing them into us.

    Here's where shit gets tricky: the car that rear ended the car behind us also got hit by the car behind them, due to that car getting rear ended.

    It was like 7 or 8 cars involved. Shit was ridiculous. And ofc just as we got ready to leave the scene after the cop handled everything, it started to rain so hard you could barely see.
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    @Stuxnet if a car break checks another car with a car behind it, is it also a brake check check?
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    Normally, when insurance totals a car, they keep it and sell it at auction. If you keep the car, they are not obligated to pay.
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    @iAmNaN I really don't know, I've never had this stuff happen. But the insurance agent did say that if they totaled it they would give me the money and I could either buy a new car or repair the damages. So I'm REALLY not sure how everything will work.
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    In the future, always insist on a police report. Often it’s the only medium of information exchange and essential to starting a claim.

    Otherwise, good on avoiding causing the accident.’
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    I've had my near-accident experience too three weeks ago, but I have to say it was me driving just a bit too recklessly. Wet road, speed and turn (not more then 60° but still rather sharp turn). I was slightly breaking before taking the turn and lost control of car, probably slight water slide. Cars back wiggled for a split sec and then it catapulted us straight out of road, crossing opposite direction (there was a big massive truck ; luckily it was further away and slow) and we ended buried in field alongside the road, luckily(!) no trees there.

    I've stopped cutting turns in wet weather.
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    @GTom time to buy new tires?
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    @electrineer Already on. 😎
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    Hahaha, I was suspecting a bad ending but holy hell, good thing that you got a good sum out of those insurance bastards (it's required by law to sign up for car insurance here in Belgium so I hate those guys). Knowing someone who's good at car mechanics seems like a pretty good thing! One of my hacker buddies in the area is a former car mechanic as well. Not gonna slam him with the Gargler questions of course since I know it's not a nice thing to do but damn I'm glad I have him as a friend. Probably gonna need his help quite often when I go for a driver's license 😅
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