TLDR : I left a company which doesn't understand the concept of email id and passwords.

Me (trying to login to the alumni website) *no register user option*

Customer support - you've to click on forgot password to create an account.
Me - Wonderful

*clicks on reset password*
*enters employee id, name, email, father's name, DOB, date of joining , date of leaving, current city because apparently if I just enter my employee id it is as if they never knew me. Sigh*
*your password will be sent to your email id*

Me - okay. *waits for two weeks because I assumed someone will manually go and create my account and email me, considering the state of system. *

After two weeks,

Me - I still haven't received my password on email after I created my account. Can you please check?

After one week,

Customer support - you need to click on forget password if you forgot your password.

Me - *inventing new curse words* I have not forgot my password, I never received it in the first place!

After one week,
Customer support - yes you'll receive your password on your email id.

Me - *runs out of curse words* seriously dude?
* proceeds to reset password*
System - your password has been reset. Your new password will be sent to your email id. *apparently anyone can reset passwords if you have the employee id, which is an integer*

After a week

Me - Am I going to ever receive the password? I've tried generating passwords, resetting my password. I never get my passwords. What should I do!!

Customer support - yes you need to click on Forgot password.

Me - are you fucking kidding me!!!
You fuckers need to be fired and replaced by a FAQ page which has no question and just a single answer, because a peanut has higher IQ than you. For any questions you may have, just reset password. Goddammit idiots!
Also, which email id are you sending my passwords to?

Customer support - myname@oldcompany.com

Me - you do realize that this is the alumni website for the company. Alumni means ex members.
Being ex members, you can assume we don't have access to our company email ids obviously?

Customer support - yes.

Me - how am I supposed to get the password using my old email id then?

Customer support - you need to click on forgot password option.

I think I should probably move to the Himalayas for my anger management issues. Plus it'll be probably easier to throw idiots off a mountain.

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    I'm not even kidding. True story.
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    @SevenDeadlyBugs hahaha yeah! Why didn't I think of that :D
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    A customer service bot...
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    @iAmNaN it wasn't. It was a human being. I wished it was a bot.
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    Their system is probably as buggy as the support meatsack's brain. Just gain access and reset it yourself.
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    @Root this is my country's top company with hundreds of thousands of employees.
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    @Root I'd rather download viruses than try to hack their systems. Probably maintaining an excel sheet somewhere will all the passwords in plaintext.
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    @mangodb Usually the larger the company, the larger the number of flaws.
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    Not tryna be racist or anything, just honest. I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess this is India we’re talking about here?
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    @stackodev Hahaha yeah man, I take it that you must have had similar experience(s)
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    @mangodb haha, yup, every time I call a support line for tech support for pretty much anything here in the U.S. when I need problem solving, it doesn’t happen until I get someone from pretty much anywhere else. No offense, but I avoid hiring talent through Indian development firms because of the rigid adherence to scripts and the seeming reluctance to think outside the box. My clients always need someone to solve problems outside of the known parameters.
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    I'm feeling your anger over here... Wtf
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    @stackodev I feel it is probably due to herd mentality and tendency to play safe. This happens when people are afraid to take risks.
    Very few people take up the responsibility to do things right and not just the way it has always been done.
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    @mangodb still a customer service bot... 😉
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    @iAmNaN It wasn't. It was a person who was replying. The person was messaging from their company ID (not a single id like help@company.com) and had a valid linkedin profile. I assume they either had no training or were blind and couldn't read what I was asking.
    I wish they were using templates, if they were going to say the same thing again and again. Not even that much efficiency. Sigh.
    Also, the company who is unable to send emails would sure as hell not be able to integrate a bot.
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    @mangodb I meant they were a bot in spite of being human... they have a pre-programmed response and can't go outside of that pre-programmed response, hence they are a bot.
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    anyways no seriously just connect over Tor, abuse the fields and drop tables left and right. watch it all be fixed. xD
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    I am trying to sleep here.. Ive got angry just by reading this and its not even my bussiness..
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    Just to make it clear: You were trying to register an alumni website account and they said two things:

    A. account is generated via alumni website password reset form,

    B. password is sent to your old employee e-mail.

    Is there no separate employee website with its own password reset form that'd actually let you regain access to your old employee e-mail?
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    1. Yes
    2. Yes

    I can't have access to company email when I leave the company. My company email account is deleted as part of the exit formalities.
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    @mangodb just click on forgot password bro, it's that easy
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    Wow, this really fucked me off. I want to abuse their website just from reading this. Just ring them everyday multiple times a day and ask them logic questions. Like really have fun with them now...
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    The further I read, the more aggravated I became
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    You have to play dumb back to them.
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    @mangodb It should be but is it really? Maybe what they tell you is you need to go to your company email website and try to restore password because your e-mail is there, just deactivated. At three separate ocassions I left a company and got re-hired some time after. Two times out of three all my accounts were still there, just needed to be activated (oldest was dormant for over a year).
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    @cprn This wasn't the case with me. Our emails were deleted permanently.
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    File a formal request for data change under GDPR regime 😂 no emails and passwords needed 😂
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    @mt3o I don't think GDPR apply to india
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    Don't tell me... Infosys or TCS?
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    I've not finished reading this but already ++'d
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