the industry we try to make for them their first inhouse app, is having a lot of data that we need to import to the app. (machines, workers, materials, products, etc). The problem is that they want to give them to us in excel files, instead of making data entry. So thats ok for start, but after some point of complexity and relations we figured out that it turns to be a deadend.
How do you manage situations like this, with huge old fashion companies??

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    I'm curious why this is a dead end? CSV file handling is quite a common process using ETL.
    If it's really a problem then an honest discussion as soon as possible is best way forward.
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    well yeah we convert them to csv but we mostly have problems with the consistency they write the cells
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    @dan-pud so i assumed is mostly a matter of collaborating and not a practice/technical issue right?
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    @gatoMalicioso yep
    CSV is a fairly unforgiving format. You could have validation where if not enough columns (or whatever) it kicks it out then continues processing the next row. Then you can just hand back the errors and let them sort it out for retry later. That's a common error handling pattern for a more manual approach to a batch system. More effort will be able to automate things better
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