At an interview, the first round was an online coding round. Two questions, one easy one hard, 90 minutes, easy peasy.

I solved the hard one first.
A bit of good logic, followed MVC pattern, all done. Worked flawlessly.
Submitted code. Online compiler threw up an internal error citing java is an invalid command(jdk not found).
Called the invigilators. What I heard next, I couldn't believe this shit.
"We're not responsible for any errors you may be having. Figure it out yourself"
I was like WTF dude. This is not even a compilation or runtime error!
After a heated discussion, I made him look at the code.
Him - what is all this classes and all? Why haven't you written everything inside the main function?
Me - those are model classes. Those are different helper functions. That is a recursive function to avoid 5 for loops and use divide and conquer. Ever heard of OOP? what kind of person writes a 300 line program inside one function?
Him - no no we write it like that only. Correct this.
Me - I fit everything inside the main function. Still the same error, java not installed. Called the idiot to have a look at it.
Him - yeah your code is wrong.
Me - may I know what's wrong with it? Can you fix it please?
Him - no no we aren't allowed to see the code (he had already read it twice. It was compiling and running perfectly, locally) .
Yeah you solved only 1 problem, you were supposed to solve 2.
Me - yes because the rest of the time I had the pleasure of your company. (It isn't everyday that I see talking buffoons.)

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    Run for your life
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    Would have jumped out of the window the moment they began talking about the main class
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    @PappyHans I actually stayed back for the interview as well. Will post about it another rant.
    It was a free sunday, had nothing better to do. Figured this would be good devrant material at least :P
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    @mangodb hope you had a good laugh
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    @PappyHans I did. I really like interviews, you learn a lot both ways. However, this interview was one of the weirdest. Will post about it in a couple of days! :D
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    @PappyHans Also, welcome to devrant bro! :)
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    @mangodb thanks. The weirdest interview I had was for a company that told me they only hire senior developers because they don’t have any QA. So everyone is responsible for their own code. I mean this is a well known company that makes millions etc. I asked if I can use the toilet and never returned.
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    I mean, it's a pretty simple issue. "Hey could you install java on the server please?"
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    @bahua Wasn't hosted by them. Third party service.
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    Sure, but since they're hiring for a java developer, it's probably of critical importance that their testing environment be functional. "Java isn't installed," is something even a nontechnical person would understand.
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    @bahua Exactly my expectations as well.
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