Anyone pair up their CS or SE degree with a second degree as an undergrad? What was it? Was it worth it? What made you decide to add a second degree?

I’m currently an undergrad and I’m really liking philosophy and English literature and enjoy the writing and critical thinking/discussions that comes with the classes, but I’m not sure if it’s worth getting a degree in it or not. If I do pursue it I’m definitely leaning more towards philosophy.

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    Depends on how stuff is priced, I guess. If college education is hilariously expensive then maybe you want to do that stuff on your own, but if you can reasonably comfortably afford it, why not? Go for it. It adds to your personality and skills if nothing else.

    I would've loved to have a secondary degree (probably economics or world history) but my college didn't really offer that kind of thing, will get it on my own now (hooray for distance learning).
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    Having a double major with something you are passionate about is pretty cool and shows you are willing to work hard and you manage time well.
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