what is best way to get motivation to start some thing

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    start doing it. If you like doing it, you won’t stop until you are done.
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    Thats a very verbose question but let me give u an example

    Ask yourself would u rather work at a 9-5 job for the rest of your life or would you try to find a way to live?

    Hehe notice how i shaped this question

    Anyways if your answer is 9-5, by all means go to college, meet friends at that college and have fun with them, learn with them, thats how u will get motivated

    If ur answer is the latter then my friend no one will hold ur hand, that road is unexplored, unshaped, unknown, dangerous but once it is completed, my friend you will out weight anyone who has chosen the first option.
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    3 coffees and only a week left to do it.
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    Try doing it not sober. That'll teach yea
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    I like to create absolute comfort for myself for beginning (a nice cup of coffee, some cookies, resting my feet on a heating unit in the winter or a light 1:4 wine "fröccs" with ice in the summer does it for me) and hope I'll get hooked. I usually do, but it really depends on the type of task.
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    You can also try offering yourself a chocolate bar after a certain milestone has been reached.
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