I'm extremely lucky I'm not violent person. What happened today for some reason just completely pissed me off. I'm not sure why it got under my skin so much, but I feel completely disrespected.

I went to our marketing person's office to discuss a basic requirement for our api. Very simply, we have a lot of old shitty date that doesn't have a lot of fields filled out (worse yet, some are simply bogus values like crazy random dates and whatnot).

She put in a ticket claiming our most recent change started changed the creation dates to be empty. Easy enough to disprove, because the marketing software we have shows a records of all the edits for each contact, and if it came from our api it'll be labeled as "Web API". So of course I check the example contacts she give us, and there's no history of changes, meaning they never had the date to begin with (which is correct, as until now we didn't track creation date WHICH IS NOT MY DECISION. So dude 10 years ago probably made that decision).

So I start asking what exactly we're using it for. She does an absolutely horrible job of describing it and keeps telling me "no you absolutely have to be able to do all this, it's our requirements". By "this" she wants me to magically give all these contacts correct creation dates after the fact.

Eventually she gets the whole campaign idea out and I point, politely, that they're probably violating GDPR. She starts yelling saying her and her boss have been doing marketing for years and they know what they're doing. So I (less politely this time) said that's fine, I just want to talk with her boss to make sure he understands he's in the grey area and that if I'm the one building this, I'm kind of liable as well.

She clearly didn't like that, but I thought whatever, let's just agree on some requirements and I'll pass it on to my boss (who genuinely shits on her every single day and is constantly saying she never knows what she's doing).

So I go back , do some work. A little later I have to go print something off which is next to her office. Her door is shut, but I can hear her from down the hall yelling at someone about the conversation we just had. She actually starts mocking me. Doing the "stupid person" voice. This goes on for longer than our conversation.

Like I said, I know I'm right and she's just venting because she doesn't want to admit she's made a mistake. But for some reason it just completely broke me. I'm new but up until this point everyone had been pretty open about how they feel about me and my co-worker. But she just didn't need to go that bloody far.

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    @Haxk20 that's awfully nice of you! And my avatar is setup now so that's a positive note to end the day on.
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    What a bitch!

    She's mocking you because a) she doesn't understand, b) wants you to do the impossible, c) wants you to violate international law, and d) doesn't want to take responsibility for her failings.

    She's a liability, and not worth the pay, drama, or legal risk.

    Inform your boss. Mock her. Get her fired. Mock her after she's gone so nobody else acts the same way. Write her a postcard (with a photo of her office glued to the front) three months after her last day saying how much better things are now that she's gone.

    (okay, probably not that last part.)
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    @Root I'm tempted but unfortunately her boss is just as bad. Actually he's definitely worse. Every single ticket he puts in is either impossible or months worth of work (our database has 25 years of data and it's only been that past couple years since they started an it department instead of letting the bosses Son do all the work). So I have a feeling I'm going to spend a week dealing with both of them. I'd honestly rather her boss get canned and then at least she wouldn't have to support all of the horrible decisions. Only the ones she is at fault for, which is like 30% of them 😂.
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    @ChaoticGoods You can always leave
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    @Root yep. I started looking last week, but before I was just kind of fishing. I think after today I'm going to seriously start looking. It's kind of sad because the current developers are pretty great, but the marketing department is allowed to act like a dictator. And at least some of the current devs are leaving pretty soon. Which had I know that when I agreed to join, I most certainly wouldn't have accepted the offer.
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    You'll find this with most entry-level marketing people, especially ones with "digital" or "social media" in their job title. The ones at the top usually have slightly more of a clue, but the rest? *sigh*
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    @unsignedin she's a "senior product manager" but she is definitely not a pm. I honestly haven't had an issue with marketing departments at my previous employers (besides like you said "entry level" people but to be honest I'm sure I was a pain in the ass when I started so I'm a little more forgiving with them).
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    @Root you should sell revenge advice 😂
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