What’s the most passive aggressive thing you’ve done against management at work? I’m curious. A rant will follow soon with my most exciting adventure in passive aggressive fuckery.

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    Once I was soooo sick of everybody that I stopped working altogether. As I was the technical director of a small team and I had the benefit of working from home, it was quite easy. I just had to say any kind of creative techno-bullshit during weekly meeting or occasional calls.

    I spent days on my terrace, or on the beach, reading, playing, fucking, waking up whenever I wanted.
    It was enough to have slack/skype connected for the occasional shit.

    After some months, things were pretty fucked up
    with many projects delayed with no apparent reason, the CFO very nervous about money the CEO threatening to close the company.

    Until we finally started to discuss relevant issues at management level and things straightened up a little.
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    Juicy. Keep em coming.
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    @rutee07 Strange you didn't get fired
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    🥕 (couldn't find a pin)
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    Taught my boss about constants and foreach. And that he didn’t have to instantiate all of his classes at the start of every page load so he could global them into wherever he needed them; rather, he could just create new objects using the required class on the fly!

    The guy had to have been doing PHP/WordPress for at least 8 years by this time, to boot...
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    Also had to teach him that “true” != TRUE
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    @rutee07 please, post rants about those 😊
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    at my prev workplace, my manager asked me to do something. but he didn't send any email, just tell me to do it.

    So I didn't do it of course.... because there was no written evidence him asking.

    After that, he sent me email about anything
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    @wersooth this is wonderful. I’ve done it too. The look on their faces is priceless. Nicely done mate.
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    @Nanos wow okay that went a teeny tiny bit beyond passive aggressive but good job.
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    Been working at current company 9 months. There is a nuget package that is source of all of our problems. But it’s too deep in the code base to remove (says business/architect). I suggested creating our own version (we could use same method signatures for the 4 or 5 methods that are used in over 2000 lines of code) so we don’t have to refactor it all but then we have control over garbage collection, don’t have to do a bunch of custom linking (package uses a lot of reflection) to get app size to something reasonable. Anyway, guarantee we’ve spent 3x as much time in 6 months solving the symptoms of bugs brought in by this package than root causes. Basically everytime a new critical bug comes up in a meeting and I’m only one to solve it I look at architect scrum master and product manager with a super bitch faced “I told you so look”. Happens at least 3-4 times a month. We still just slapping on bandaids :/. But it’s not my job to make those decisions
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    @NSGangster The told you so look is so satisfying. I miss it.
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    @grumpyoldaf why you lose it? Finally join a team with competent product managers?
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    @NSGangster No. it’s just that it isn’t satisfying anymore. I still have to deal with the shitstorm anyway. These days it’s more of a “I’m fucking tired of you you idiot” look.
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