Not a rant. But about Windows 10, because some asked "why are there only rants about it?"

The day before yesterday: When switching off my PC, I noticed the shutdown options were "Update and restart" and "Update and shutdown". I chose the latter and went to bed.
Yesterday: I switched on my PC, Windows takes some extra seconds at "Installing updates, 99% done" and... I'm on my desktop. All is well. As unspectacular as it can get.

For me, that is every update experience since Windows 7, ever.

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    My MacBook just died today. New macbooks are freaking expensive and I'm feeling sick at idea of buying a windows laptop for work.

    In this case, money can actually save one from mental torture.
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    Get a laptop without dGPU, Linux should be easy to set up :)
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    @HoloDreamer dell xps are know for being pretty compatible with Linux
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    I have the same experience, updates break very rarely for me.
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    Today my experience was:
    Me: "Mmm... I'm done for the week I should restart to install updates now so I do not have to do it later."
    Computer: "Restarting.... Done."
    Me: "Cool, let's switch it off and go home."
    Computer: "Okay, do you want to install updates and power off or to restart and power off?"
    Me: X_X

    Yeah, it had not installed the updates.
    I don't know why.
    At least it started.
    I guess even Windows 10 cannot deal with updates properly.
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