Could you explain why the CFO of Huawei was arrested in Poland, Canada and USA, please?

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    @RenoX one word isn't an explanation.
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    @rendezvous so yeah, jews
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    Only clones were arrested in these countries. His main body is still in China.
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    Well there are some serious allegations against Huawei including spying on other countries. Plus the company is most likely directly controlled by the China gov.
    But they were not able to conclusively prove anything. Australia has already banned the company. Other countries will also follow I think.

    It's not just Huawei. Many Chinese company have been hit with similar allegations.
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    @rendezvous it was jews in costumes
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    Ya silly nigga really expect us to do the work for you huh ctfu stoopid
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    @RenoX hey, I resemble that remark...
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    @Konsole no! A company owned by the PRC spying on other companies? I don't believe it.
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    @iAmNaN it's unbelievable isn't it? Next they will say US companies spy on people for the NSA.
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