My six word horror story.

We switched from aws to azure

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    My condolences
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    @netikras you.....you’ve felt the pain too?
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    @grumpyoldaf I'm lucky, I haven't. But I think I can imagine it quite well.

    Smth like switching your morning transport to the office from a comfy, fancy mercedess to a double edged axe I believe?
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    "thanks, I hate it". Get out, you deserve better. Everyone deserves better.
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    Why is azure so much worse than AWS? Have only use Azure and I like it
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    Instances not being performant, random portal errors, random failure rates with the APIs, there was this one issue with AKS going nuts from time to time. Fucking tiring.

    I like the integration with VS Code and App service is cool. Other than that this is a ducking dumpster fire.
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    Lemme improve it for you:
    "We switched from heroku to in-house! 😭"
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    She threw all my crocks away 😭
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    We use both AWS and Azure. Personally I've used Azure more and I don't mind it. It has a few pain points and it's really expensive but it's quite simple to use it.

    Would love to know why my AKS agent node VM keeps shutting down though.
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    @Root It's the inverse for our part. We are required to do this because of the shitload of users we will have on our VPS which without Heroku will explode like the Challenger Space Shuttle. Ah and thanks to AWS for CloudFront which save us time.
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    I honestly haven't had many issues with Azure
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    Azure is Microsoft. Need we say more... 🍿
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