A friend here just deleted his account. We had our debates and tiny fights but he really mattered to me. I know he was going through some pretty bad stuff that really hurt. I doubt you will read this but if you do, and if you need anyone to talk to i'm here to talk to you. My e mail address is srd3v@tuta.io
Please if you know who i'm talking about don't be a dick about it, don't mention his name and don't try to convince him to come back.

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    OK i'm fucking tired of the wuss that keeps downvoting me, come out and fight it out with me. If I had a fight with you this just proves my point.
    @dfox can you please check for mass downvotes on my account?
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    To that person, we all hope you're alright and that you'll come back when you're ready.
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    @Elyz him coming back doesn't matter. As long as he is doing well I am more than happy for him.
    @RantSomeWhere please check in on him but don't stress him out too much. He deleted his account for a reason after all and even if it is personal he doesn't have any obligation to be here
    @Frederick tbh i'm not stressed out about the score, I could care less about fake internet points after all the time I spent on 4chan. What really pisses me off is that whoever has a problem with me is clearly a little bitch. Also I doubt it's anything else since the downvoting is really calculated. They only downvote posts that already have more than 1 upvote so no one says
    "Oops why do you have a -1"
    Also said person is subscribed to my posts and i'll take that as a compliment. As soon as I posted this I had ~14--. So they're not even good at it they just downvote me when their phone rings.
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