This is probably gona make me sound arrogant, but fuck it, you don’t know who I am, and I need to RANT!

I hate it when B.A.’s who have never studied UI or UX rail-road over my design decisions, and I just gota go along with it cos they in charge.
Then, when I make the interface the way they want it, all sorts of problems arise… Mother fucker, I saw this shit coming, and that’s why I designed it the way that I did.
Now I gota tell them how to solve the problems by doing what I originally said, and when they finally see the light, I gota waste more time re-doing the interface.
I once went through 5 fucking iterations of “Let’s try it this way”, Just to end up back with my original design spec cos these fuckers can’t even imagine what shit would look like, and how it will interact.

Now you would think after this happens a few times they would learn to trust my design skills, but noooo, Mr B.A. has to piss all over my ideas every time.
And every FUCKING time, we end up going back to what I originally proposed…
Learn your fucking lesson dumb ass!!!

*drops mic & goes straight to the bar*

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    That's an unbalanced situation, you should be in charge of your responsibilities, they with their, and when it comes to sync both sides have to sit down and agree on staff and, imho, the UX designer should lead on the final outcome, because it's his job to study and provide the best presentation of the functionalities flows.

    My 2 cents
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    B.A. sounds arrogant, thinking his hunches overrule a well-thought-out scheme made by an educated UX designer.

    fuck that shit.
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    @rendezvous Business Analyst
    In our company, the B.A. has a higher rank than developers :(
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    >the B.A. has a higher rank than developers :(

    Sadly, that's pretty much in every company. And there are some BA's who are good and actually were developers at some point, so you could say they earned the position, but most of 'em are incompetent assholes.

    Though, as @SevenDeadlyBugs stated, you're absolutely right complaining about that fucker, because if he keeps rejecting your designs, then, why are you there? That's doing you and your expertice a huge disservice.

    In this country, most small/medium size and sometimes even large companies delegate UX design to BA's and as expected most times the work is shit.

    EDIT: added quote
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    So at this point mystery of fucked up application designs are revealed.

    BA are more important then developers cause of known chart of company fuck order.

    CEO - all fucker
    Board members - all fucker occultists
    Sales - party fuckers
    BA - fuck provider factory
    Cleaning Service - fuck cleaners
    Developer- fucked up

    Can’t find proper old image.
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    @lynob if Alice don't do this, then Alice has nothing to be offended by :)
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    Do they at least acknowledge that you suggested it from the get?
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    @badcopnodonuts Nope, as far as they concerned, this is a great success! They have facilitated the creation of an innovative solution by driving collaboration and pushing boundaries in an agile environment... (- _ -)
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    @cjbatz Of course they did. At least you can put that catchy bullshit in your LinkedIn company profile 😆
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