Quality != more work + less talk

Quality = more talk resulting in less work.

That makes no sense mathematically.

“Let’s talk more about shit before we create shit”.

That’s a little better.

“Let’s talk more so we don’t create shit”.

Getting closer.

“Let’s talk more about what is needed till we all know what is best before we program a damn machine?”

...This is going nowhere fast.

Okay fuck it. Let’s just code some stuff. It’s more enjoyable.

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    @rutee07 it’s the opposite of the “talk is cheap” paradigm. I’m trying unsuccessfully to assert talk is more valuable than produced artifacts as it should produce higher quality artifacts but I’m not sure if I’m interpreting the interrobangs offered correctly. At any rate I’m coming out of a place where communication is minimal and time is extraordinarily wasted because of this...it’s a rant against the throw it over the wall philosophy I guess. But it’s also a recognition that teams can get frustrated with communicating to the business because they can’t clearly express their needs so we give up and just code knowing full well what we’re doing may not be reflective of what they actually want or not. It’s life. I’m constantly seeing efforts taking say three weeks when it could have been three days if we’d just talked more with these people for a full day.
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    @allthingsinmod well I guess ultimately talk is cheaper! Ultimately...
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    @M1sf3t you are absolutely correct. I am equating quality to cost in terms of debt. Thank you for your insight. Cost of ownership and maintenance is real important to me thus the vent/rant. At the end of the day, in a fast paced env, I don’t care about quality as long as the tech debt is low- but there’s a relationship there. Quality is an extremely nebulous term in our world at times. Thanks again
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    @allthingsinmod or to say another way:

    A dev can produce a lot of quality code.

    Yet only two thirds of that quality code was needed.

    It can all be quality, but never required or should have been written.

    Thanks again hopefully I’m making sense.
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    @M1sf3t agreed!
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    2 weeks of programming can save you 2 hours of planning
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    “Let’s talk more about shit before we create shit”

    I fuckin love that 😂
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