Learning javascript in 2016

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    6 javascript frameworks was created while writing this comment.
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    There was a time JavaScript was just used for forms :D
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    @maxsimon Plain old html rocks, and on submit button should be email adress where you can send form data.
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    It's all about vue, react, or angular.
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    Read this earlier - it is so on the money. The approach of "All available frameworks don't do exactly what I want - I will make a better one!" that has ruled the JS community for so long is killing us. I've no idea how best to approach a green-field JS project, but it'd probably be much simpler than most would recommend a modern web app should be.
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    @samk The frameworks are not even the issue here but the huge numbers of new npm packages that are made awfull, I think that the problem is in the npm, Its to much easy to publish new package. Every idiot can publish new one.
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    @anonimus It's certainly part of the problem. We're also expected to build commercial, enterprise-scale apps using bricks made of polystyrene. It's soul destroying to think of the number of hours lost to plugging some gaping hole in some documentation-less open-source module during the project life-cycle because some senior or architect hasn't done their due diligence.
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    Package managers should test package for tests and docs coverage before developer can publish one. And while browsing for one we should se stats of tests.

    Yea fuck you npm!

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    Does a package have:

    - good performance?
    - a well-designed API?
    - well-written documentation?
    - optional module/ES6 support?
    - good compatibility, perhaps even IE support?
    - an extensive test suit?
    - active maintenance?
    - a supportive community?

    Only a few libraries/frameworks/packages meet the above criteria.
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    You should link source to the article. It's amazing read 😂
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    Just try turning off JavaScript in your browser for 10 minutes today and see how many sites you visit work at all without it.
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    @ChappIO might wanna share the slack link here . (am on my phone)
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    Link to original article: https://hackernoon.com/how-it-feels...

    "No JavaScript frameworks were created during the writing of this article." :D
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    @anonimus yeah but it doesn't mean anyone has to use it!
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    @localdam Oh, I wish it would that easy.
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    Yesterday we started a slack team to discuss this exact issue. My plan for this "movement" is to raise some awareness about the instability of javascript at the moment and eventually collaborate on a solution for it.

    You can join it here: https://revivejs-slack.herokuapp.com/...
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    @anonimus Looks like something did get you boos :P
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    @ChappIO I really like what angular-cli project did. They see the issue whith js and they made their own build cli. So you have only src and some config files.

    Check it out: https://github.com/angular/...
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    @vortex The problem with me is that I'm perfectionist. I was developing backend, and then I saw that to be the hot-stuff on the market you must be angular + node developer (fullstack). And when I saw the amount of pressure, on every corner, and to must hack stuff so that they work. I was really looking to quit my job and go back to node. It was crasy! And then finaly some light with angular-cli. Now I have some hope left in my heart for frontend.
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    js confusion
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    Which one is the wizard hat
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    @girlybrackets thanks, I wrote the comment then realized the was a link in one of the comments
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    But wait there's more
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