Fuck the Fourth of July.

I was already feeling pretty unpatriotic after all the terrible things the USA has been doing lately, and then to top it all off, they closed down almost every street within a one-mile radius of my apartment just because I happen to live near the place where they're shooting off fireworks. I spent the evening with my girlfriend, enjoying a nice dinner and sort of forgetting it was even really a holiday, then got in my car at 9:00 expecting to be home by 9:30. Nope. I spent over an hour driving in a huge circle around my apartment, searching for even one single road that the police hadn't closed to traffic. Finally managed to get into the area on a back road and get home, but it took so long that I went through all five stages of grief before I got home at 11:00.

They also closed the nearest bridge across the river so I couldn't go shopping for groceries today, either. My pantry is almost completely empty. At least I'm working from home tomorrow so I'll have time to buy food then.

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    By contrast, I like my country, so I've been feeling extra patriotic.
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    @Root I was born in Canada and I'm a dual US/Canada citizen. I'd much rather celebrate Canada Day. People have been setting off fireworks for like two weeks leading up to today, so I chose to believe that the fireworks on the 1st were for Canada Day and stopped to listen to them for a bit (couldn't see them from my apartment).
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    @EmberQuill Why are you staying in America if it is such a horrible place?
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    @NOPSledRider because moving is expensive, I want to stay near family, I have friends here, I have a job here, I have a life here, cost of living is decent, etc. The reasons to stay outnumber the reasons to leave.

    Honestly, my feelings about this holiday aren't usually as strong as that. I'm usually just apathetic. My temper just reached its boiling point due to the road closures around my apartment.
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    @EmberQuill Those happen to varying degrees every year. Fireworks, parades, viewing, etc. Annoying, but it's a given part of the holiday.
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    I live in Israel and I celebrated the 4th of July.
    I love the USA and the values it was founded on.
    I'm thankful and grateful for the environment which produced so many critical discoveries and inventions to the world including electricity, and the internet
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    @bioDan This is why I like you and enjoy seeing you on devRant. 😊 You're one of the few people who make sense, and one of the very few who don't want things to get continually worse out of laziness, altruism, and frivolous feelings.
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    @Root the feeling is mutual! May we live long and prosper 🖖🏻
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