Some lady who is a marketting guru says she wants a percentage of my company added on top of getting a 30% of all licenses she manages to get.

Also she brought two friends who are good in PM and another trainee sales person


i only have a product, havnt sold anything but i pitched to them and they seem to buy the idea and have seen the working product

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    too damn high.
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    Don't let her in.

    Or - demand a minimum sales per time period, with hard sales+revenue collection targets. and if she fails to meet them, her 30% becomes 5%, and company ownership reverts to None.
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    Very good idea @magicMirror thanks for that.Definately better than what i had
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    It means your idea is a good one. Either that or she wants to derail you in favour of some other client.

    I think I'd try to negotiate. Meet each other in the middle
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    Add some thresholds to test what their expectations are.
    E.g. they get more money if income gets above a certain threshold.
    Once you evaluated keep it simple but put in the option to buy them out for a suitably large sum.
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    put some Acid in their coffee, it'll change their mindset!.%^))}
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