I feel sad to say this but...

I'm hyped for the pixel 4, currently rocking my 6th pixel 2 XL (fuck these screens and camera units) and the pixel 3 was just all levels of no from the notch, incremental upgrade status and just a phone following the trends.

Looking at the leaks and official confirmations of the pixel 4 actually have me keen for photography (I do prefer a DLSR or straight up film unit but a good in the moment camera is amazing), performance and lack of notch just have me keen...

Forgive me father for I have sinned

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    Idk man, the hole punch selfie camera I've seen is fugly.

    I think the hole punch is 10x worse than a notch could ever be, tbh.

    Having said that, I'mma probably upgrade from the 3 to the 4 lmao. Especially if it has face unlock (which is apparently likely).
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    @Stuxnet Im trying to ignore that part, I'm in the group that would rather bezel with stereo speaker (Pixel 2) rather than a 'sleek and sexy' design..

    I am the guy who holds the Nexus 6P as my favourite phone of all time so bezel in no problem
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    @lxmcf I'd probably go bezel > notch > hole punch.

    Definitely don't wanna lose speaker quality because the speakers on the 3 are loud and pretty good. The selfie camera (while rarely used outside of quickly taken snaps) is really cool way to flex on iPhone users lmao.

    I'm just waiting on being able to actually use the RCS chat function because literally everyone I know has a Samsung or an iPhone. The only person I know with a Pixel has an OG XL
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    @Stuxnet Well RCS is being rolled out by google now, not going to be carrier specific
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