Friend: I have an idea.
Me: yeah?
Friend : Office as a service.
Me: (feigning ignorance) they already have those.
Friend: really?
Me: (with slight chuckle) Office 365..
If stink eyes had guns.....

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    but! There is no real open source competitor.
    LibreOffice is trash as it stagnated 10 years ago.
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    @heyheni My friend meant office spaces not the office product. Which is also not new anyway
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    @elfico ehh... you mean renting?
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    next steps:
    country as a service
    planet as a service
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    Techbro @vane invents goverment and taxes! 😄
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    @heyheni not really, reinventing yes ex. Estonia have digital residency.

    If some country can deliver you everything digital like bank account, ability to create company, get passport after some years living “digital” in it without visiting it it would be win situation for them.
    If they can also keep friendly relationships with EU, China and US they will get many people who are moving and don’t live at one place.
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    This already exists for real tho. There's societies/companies renting common office spaces for programmers. You usually get an office, access to refreshment and ofc the added benefit of other new programmers you can meet in the building.

    Or did I misunderstood the post and OP knew this? Not sure if he was ignorant to the fact they exist, or just to what his friends question was
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