Marketeers 🤬

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    You should try it once. It's quite amusing.
    It's awesome to sit in the office next to the CEO's and bullshit yourself through the day while eating fine belgian chocolate pralinés all the time. Faking your own marketing statistics and goals and get praise from your neighboring CEO, who admires your hard work. The best part is you dont need any special technical knowledge appart from using Microsoft Office and MailChimp. To lighten your day you invite random software companies to give you a custom special to your needs tailored demo. Only to say that you don't have budget for that, to all of them. Marketing is a dream job isn't it? 😃
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    Belgian chocolate, yummy! 🍫😋
    But seriously, I have too many self respect. 😅
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    @webapp so tell us, what happened that we have to thank you for this quality rant? 🙂

    yes www.leonidas.com 🍫 🤤
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