I hate Jira.

There I said it.

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    That's probably just because you haven't taken the time to learn it properly, or someone else has configured it badly. Jira is complicated and sometimes difficult to use, but it's features and customizability often weighs up for that. Imo.
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    Confluence is worse though.
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    @VilladsH Don't get me started.
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    @nicbe "let's push a major update with New cool features. But obviously we're gonna either hide or completely remove a Lot of the cool existing features." Regards, Confluence Dev team.
    I Imagine thats how its going down.
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    I hide my drugs in the jira submenus the cops are never gonna find them
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    Beats servicenow, remedy, servicedesk, itms, Salesforce, RT, or anything else I've used for ticketing. Plus, its API is a goddamned work of art.
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    I think Jira is ok. It's a bit clunky. I much prefer Azure DevOps because of it's integration with code repos and pipelines. Plus I think it's a lot faster and more intuitive.

    My current team uses Jira.
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    Until you get pushed into Zoho Desk.
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    @xewl Oh dear god no.
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    @xewl we have to use zoho 😭😭 its pure hell
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