I'm out of my mind bored. I'm an unemployed person with a great job. You'd think this would be awesome. It's torture.

I work for a consulting company. I get paid whether or not they have work for me. They haven't for several months. I'm not hearing anything. I don't know when it will change.

I'm a skilled developer in a few very popular languages - nothing remotely in the ballpark of old or obsolete. I hear that's in demand. I spend most of my time answering questions on Stack Overflow. I really like to help people, but it boggles my mind that the people struggling with the stuff I help them with all have actual work to do and I don't.

I like to learn about new stuff, but I'm just not interested in learning another framework or anything else to add to the giant pile of stuff I'm already not using. It's not fun anymore.

I don't want to do another side project, either. I have a job as a software developer. That should, at some point, involve developing some software.

This is sucking the life out of me. It's harder and harder to get out of bed and come to work. I've held off looking for another job because I'm hoping this will change. The people here are great. I could go somewhere else and it could suck for completely different reasons.

Ironically, this is close to the reason why I left my last job. Ten years ago I went through a spell where I just gave up and stopped coming to work for over a month. No one noticed. Other people were stressed about getting laid off. Some of them were. Not me.

Am I part of some weird experiment to see how insane someone can go in this totally screwed-up circumstance? Are people following me around with cameras?

I'd love to find something else, but by all outward appearances I had already found an awesome place to work. There's only one thing missing - the work.

Thanks for listening. I'm just going to put my head on my desk for a while and despair. What is wrong with this industry? We're a mess on so many levels.

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    Learn Rust, it's really really fun to write. Should occupy you for a month.
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    I'm having trouble feeling sympathy if I'm being honest.. getting paid to not do work.. rough gig.. most of us struggle to find enough hours in the day.

    If you don't want to learn anything new and you don't want to do a side project for yourself, then maybe find someone to mentor, do some volunteer work, watch Netflix, grab a beer or just take a nap.
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    I get it, 100%.
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    Been there too, the term when you're employed as a consultant but not active on a project is called "being on the bench". In my previous consultancy, they'd keep you regardless of how long you're on the bench. In my current (startup) consultancy they fire you after 1 week of bench. I'm happy to have had both experiences though.
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    @torpkev I know. I forgot to mention, I also feel guilty.
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    How about starting a startup? It's the perfect situation, if it works out: great, if not you still get paid... Win win
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    You’re lacking purpose and it’s normal to feel the way you do. Whether it’s programming or not you need to find something to make you feel fulfilled during your hours.. just follow any thread that makes you feel happy. It also helps to divide your life into boxes. Work box, health box, financial box, relationship box, spiritual box. Inside each of those find ways to progress so that if the work box is leaving you unfulfilled or lacking purpose the other will make you feel great as you push them forward.
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    Totally do a side hustle. A plan “B”. Use this cushion to leverage a self-employment situation where you can potentially work from home freelance or starting your own consultancy. Tap that boredom and transform it.
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    How about choosing to tackle a world problem (Humanitarian, health, AI, mapping, etc) or a kaggle problem?

    I think any activity requires inspiration (maybe TED talks?).
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    My email wasn't displaying notifications. I had turned them off so I could do a presentation. About an hour before I posted this I finally got an email about some work. At last!
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    @badwiring i love a happy ending
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