So, at my new workplace which completed another anniversary (my first) thought it's a chill place to work at.

Just heard internal bad bitching and stuff, fuck I hate corporate.

And there's this guy who must have watched a few episodes of Naruto and called Nine tails a wolf, a fucking wolf!

Then today during my introduction, the same guy interrupted me with a mock "This guy is a hacker and he can read all your messages"

I was very tempted to say what I used to do at my previous company but energy saving...

Ah.... I already don't like this guy

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    Everytime someone says that, I ask why they are an idiot.
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    @kescherRant You mean why I'm calling him an idiot?
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    @chowdercake No. I mean the
    "haha look this guy is a HACKER and can HACK YOUR FACEBOOK"
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    @kescherRant He said that cause I was wearing my hackerearth t shirt which qoutes "CODE, BUILD, HACK"
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    @chowdercake Oh yeah, totally like "hack" didn't originally mean "quickly code something together while disregarding code quality because it's just a quickly hacked together program to test something"
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    I learned how to deal with a fuckwad who interrupts when I'm speaking, esp. to a group. I go silent, stare at the oik, thank him for sharing his knowledge and say, "And now, with your permission, may we continue?" It may not work every time, but it helps. And just as a side note to show what a total pratt I am, if the twit says no, I say, "Your mother, if you knew who she was, would be very disappointed in your manners today." If nothing else works, break out the taser.
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