How long did it take you to find your last job? I'm guessing anywhere between 1-6 months

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    -6 months depending on when you measure it.

    At school a company came to me if I wanted to do an internship with them about half a year before we had details on when we had to do an internship. Of the internship year about halfway through they said they would like to have me onboard.

    Never looked for a job and got it offered way before I was looking.
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    I had been looking at job ads for about a month or two, then within less than two weeks I got contacted first by HR, then contacted and interviewed by my TL, then hired.
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    A week. Found something that looked interesting, applied, had an interview a few days later, and had an offer a few days after that.

    That's highly unusual though.
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    4 weeks: Finding the offer, applying, waiting for a response (2 weeks), doing the job interview and directly getting a positive response.
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    4 Months, after recruiters and other shitty things.
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    Never more than 2 weeks.

    My first job was the hardest and I didn't even look for it. I just told a friend I was ready to start looking for jobs and the next day I got an offer.

    Even to this day I stay friends with previous employers so if I ever get fired I can just call them and they'd hire me.

    Networking is crucial to get a good job. And developing soft skills improves your chances 10x
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