Fuck inheritance.

Looking for variables and methods in inheritance chain is like walking in Thailand and looking for a girl hooker on a street full of ladyboys.

You can find one but you never know.

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    You sound like you're in desperate need of a good IDE with Type/Call Hierarchies
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    @12bitfloat except that 90% of the time i dont have the resources to pull my entire codebase out of whatever firewalled subnet it's in, look at a nice stack trace and make the changes, throw it back over the fence, and replace the original, hoping to god i didnt just generate more bugs, in which case i need to do repeat the entire process again ad nauseam.
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    @12bitfloat step in step in step in step in step in step in debugger .... where is this dick hiding
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    @s0LA Yea before I find a place my mind is already so fucked up from avoiding all of those hidden dicks I can’t remember how I got there.

    Next day story begins all over.
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    @12bitfloat I find the thought process that supports IDEs fixing language deficiencies really strange.

    Language should be fixed. People complained about JavaScript's insane tooling, but I think Java probably still be a fringe language today if the likes of intellij hadn't provided devs with a way to navigate through the insane crazy world that is Java OOP.
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    @rendezvous I must say, you had me in the first half
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    @codebanana Well, Java is a language for getting grand things done. Maybe it does need an IDE but I don't see how anyone could make a language like Java that doesn't. In fact I can't think of ANY language that doesn't need an IDE
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    The truth is all in the elbows....
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