See I'm a curious case.
Back when I graduated high school my father and I started a startup. We build an Android app revolving around personal safety. It was cool. Had news coverage. It flopped.

In the process off the two months time it took me to build the fucker I had to "Learn" Java and the Android SDK enough to push this app out.

I burned myself out and on top of that I felt like I did not really learn the language. So now years later I want to Learn C# for myself for game Development with unity. However I also want to learn Web Development Properly. Which I have tinkered with on and off since the old days of Xhtml when I built a website for my senior project in HS.

I still feel burned out. Anyone else with a similar feel. I know it's silly being burned after one failed project. But it does not help either that I rushed through learning Java did not retain fuck all and now I feel like I can't learn anything new because mental blockage. Even reading this sounds stupid.

Might also be new shiny object syndrome. Between C# and JS. Lol.

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    Go C#, a lot of similarities with Java and can be used for webdev too. In the near future for both backend and frontend
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    @Codex404 in time I'll likely learn both because they are useful skills to have. I just need to go fast and commit.
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    Try to sketch out small milestones so you can tick of progress.

    If trying to learn something new, try in a tiny test project.

    Get Linqpad for one of tests of code, its a bit like interactive python but for c#.
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    Always start learning a new language or tech with a tiny project, that can be unrelared to anythintlg but you *enjoy*. Thats the most important part. I always start with a text game or a bot to talk to, I love making those. You cant beat burnout by jumping head into something big. You need a success in your life to start enjoying programming again, even if a small one. So just pick a language, and make a tiny thing, doesn't need to solve anything or be useful to anyone besides you or at all... With C# dont progress beyond the terminal window for the first one. With Web dev pick something super easy, pure html/css first. Minimal javascript no backend. If you're familiar with those and want to make a simple react/angular/suave whatever project, then just start a basic one and make a few pages to navigate without any real functionality.

    You know? Keep it simple, stupid and have fun for yourself
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    I like the idea of building a small chatbot or a text game for sure. @Hazarth since both are technically right up the alley of what I am attempting to learn for.

    I'll post it on GitHub when I get it.
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    @codemonkeyalx good luck mate!
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