My boss is the head of IT.
I am the head of software, I have nothing todo with user rights in our software, this is head of IT things...

So my boss is gone, holiday.

User T calls in: Hey, I need rights for finance software X. Now.
Me: Yeah, my boss is gone for good, which rights exactly you need?
T: I don't know. Give me admin rights.
Me: I am not going to do that.
T: I will call my boss (head of her department, same level as my boss). He will tell you to do that.
Me: I will not listen to him, he don't decide about rights. IF you talk to the head of finance and he tells me you can have admin rights in the finance software, I could give it to you. Let him write a email to me about it.
T: Okay.

2 Minutes later.

Email, Head of finance: Hey Wasseratem, I don't decide for rights for the finance software X, normaly Head of IT does that.
(CC to T)
Email back: Yeah, he is gone, he will be back in 2 days, then he can decide.

Email from Head of Department of T: Give T admin rights. now.
Email back, CC Head of Department of T, Head of finance: No I will not do that (etc. explain why)

What the fck is T joking me?

Now She will not get any rights for thursday even when she will walk into my office with a gun.

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    Lol, she probably did some shit and need to cover it up
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    She might have a good/true reason for her demand.

    That being said, the process is the process, so...

    And glad you said no...
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    Sounds like you prevented a disaster in the making.
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