Booting up an ancient laptop because I want to burn some music CDs

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    Why do you want to burn some music CDs? Nostalgia?

    And, wouldn't a bonfire be easier. I doubt your laptop gets hot enough.
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    You have an old car that only plays CDs, dont'cha? :)
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    @NoMad Oh yeah good times!
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    @platypus @NoMad I've caught the audiophile bug, having constructed a sound system, bought an old but really nice amp, and a decent pair of speakers and just found out I can plug my computer directly into the DAC via USB. Currently repurposing my more modern laptop to be a media centre.

    Bluetooth's bandwidth can't cope with CD quality music. Unless I pay £20 a month streaming music will only be 320kbs (CDs are 1411kbs).
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    @Hedgepig FLAC all things then. And use an analog output, instead of digital. BT is crap that can't handle the required bamdwidth, unless the volume is more important then the quality....
    Same reason mp3 is not good for quality.
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    @magicMirror storage is cheap, I'm happy with WAV and save those cpu cycles. Yeah BT is a terrible idea.

    What do you mean by analogue output? The output is always analogue
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