I’m very surprised at the lack of PHP micro frameworks with correct Namespace and Class support. I had to spend my weekend adding it, as well as making it so you can easily add a ORM library to it.

Sure I could use Laravel or Codeignitior, but I just needed something simple for rapid development of simple GUIs for desktop and server applications. I couldn’t justify copying over 6500 files for something I’m only going to use a quarter of its features. Now, I can just use composer to install the features I need.

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    What was the name of the mini laravel made by the same guy as laravel?

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    I looked at it, still wasn’t small enough. That’s perfect for micro services and APIs but not what I needed it for.
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    Symfony can be striped down pretty hardcore for web APIs as well. I dunno if it would have fit your bill though
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    There's the Ubiquity framework. It's a bit barebones but I think it has what you want.


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    Zend Expressive. A stripped down version of Zend Framework, it just implements PSR middleware, routers and dependency injection. Multiple routers and DI frameworks are available. (View) renderer is optional, but again, multiple options are available. I never use them, instead I return JSON response.
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    Symfony 4.smth (flex).
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    Thanks for the suggestion but I already built the framework that does everything I need it to do and not everything I don’t.
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