Never ask a woman about their age.

Never ask a man about their wage.

Never ask a dev about their bugs.

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    Do ask people about their wage. Make sure you are getting a fair wage, and help your coworkers get their fair share as well.
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    Never understood why people (women included) are so uptight about their wages.

    I don't mind people knowing what i make.
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    In this 3 lines joke, I invented the third line. The first two lines are not made by me so please stop cursing me 😥
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    @tahnik Kindly point out where was i cursing you...
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    @tahnik Not cursing you... Just pointing out a big problem in society. The joke was duly appreciated, don't worry ☺️
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    @andrebreda @nblackburn ah damn bad wording of mine. Forgive me. I meant to say stop blaming me for other two lines. And I mean it in a very peaceful way. No anger, just fun!
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    @tahnik No harm done, we are all friends here...

    *Evil cackling ensues*
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