Started new job with presentation at 10:00. Went for lunch at 11:00. Was given access to source code at 12:00. Decided to quit at 13:00.

No regrets. Code was so bad that I wanted to cry.

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    WoW hahaha.
    That code must be written in Ass++
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    Is it that bad?
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    How was lunch, what did you get?
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    Lunch at 11? isn't that too early?
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    Yep, as it turns out lunch was highlight of that day, don't remember what I had though.

    I didn't got any snippets, its more about system as whole. Their product was CRM which was written in PHP4 and ported to PHP5 without any frameworks or libraries. Weird naming conventions and terminology all over the place (they literally had their own classes named interfaces and traits), no consistency, no abstractions / or the ones which don't make any sense, all developers were connected to one single database, no concept of localhost. Even worse was there were actual routes and metadata for code inside of that database, so if one developer changed something, it would fuckup stuff for another dev who was working on some feature..

    Have I also mentioned the code was written in half Czech/Slovak and English? No documentation at all, or just some generic one which wasn't updated in years. Don't get me wrong, I like PHP, think its great language (since 7.0) but that day I had opportunity to see where some of the hate for it comes from. I wasn't ever aware it can be missused so badly. Just consider Wordpress being perfection compared to what I saw.

    And on top of all comes version control and code structure. They had 4 repositories with code split between them. They had like 10 customers and for each one they would make a clone of those original 4 repositories, leading to amount of 40 repositories to maintain..
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