I need to work with Facebook SDK for a login and in my work they have not wanted to install Composer on my computer for several months. Will they think I'm going to hack the Pentagon with that? 🤦🏾‍♂️

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    They want you to telepathically install the packages you need 👌
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    Composer Like the PHP dependency/package manager? Just download/"install" the phar file and you're good to go...
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    @Wack Thanks, it worked! but my annoyance is with a company that 'motivates' its employees to Digital Transformation but doesn't offer the right tools
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    @emamut in a company I previously worked at first we gave every one install rights. Pretty soon we has a virus. Then we limited the install rights to bosses and those who has legitimate requests (in our case photographers, in your companies case probably devs). There was another outbreak pretty soon which forced the no one except for me and another dev get any sort of install rights anymore.

    That bring said, an IT department then has to provide all the workstations of the other departments with the tools they need.

    If there are other developers in your department, ask them how there workflow looks like. If some are using other tools make a request (probably best through your manager). Yes it sounds like shit but this is the corporate world. What you could think about is to either request Docker or Vagrant (plus a VM) to have a dev environment you can fuck around with...
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    You Don't ned to install that, you can download and run from the project itself
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